A competitive job market encourages employees to work harder and longer,demanding larger workloads than ever before. These added workplace pressures lead to stress and anxiety that affect how individuals make decisions and perform tasks both in and out of the office.

Smart companies, both large and small, have been working hard to implement in-office programs that help employees to deal with stress, anxiety and workplace pressures.  Cultivating positive work environments, many employers have experienced huge workplace improvements thanks to meditation programs.


To progress in the competitive world of business, companies are required to continually innovate and enrich their workplace practices. The Harvard Business School along with INSEAD -Europe’s leading business school, determined from their extensive research that the two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.

Anywhere, anytime you choose

Perhaps the strongest reason for incorporating meditation to your employees’ wellness routine is the ease with which a corporate meditation program can be implemented with any kind of resources. All you need to begin are willing participants with a strong desire to bring harmony and balance into their lives; and

  • A quiet, comfortable space large enough to use (boardroom, lunchroom, spare office, A/V room, gymnasium, etc.)

  • Each person will need a mat or cushion  and comfortable clothing.

Stress Management Meditation Course

I offer weekly meditation sessions, Stress Management Programs and Conference Meditation Packages ranging from 45-minutes to day-long retreats.

Stress Management and Mindfulness/Meditation programs are most effective when provided for 8-weeks at a time, so The Stress Management Meditation Package is designed with this in mind. Single sessions are an option for those curious to be introduced to the meditation process. The meditation offered is not affiliated with any specific religion, but is supportive of any individual's cultural background. It is primarily based on a mindfulness approach.

My classes assist in reducing stress and include breathing and posture techniques to reduce anxiety and improve focus, memory and well being.  The Stress Management Meditation Package program incorporates a brief theory lecture, a new meditation technique, deep relaxation practices and a take home self-awareness meditation. My stress management meditation course/classes focus on applying self-reflection to bring harmony and balance to yourself and the world you live in. My lecture will be supplemented with notes and each student will have access to email me questions with regards to their personal circumstances, as meditation is a highly personal practice.



Stress Management Meditation Package Prices

For onsite classes at your workplace monthly (4) classes for 30 minutes:

Up to 15 students                        P4,425 plus P295 per person thereafter per month

      40 students                                  P9,200 plus P230 per person thereafter per month

      65 students                                 P11,700 plus P180 per person thereafter per month

For small and large private group classes booked monthly, the same rates apply as above.


8 Week De-stress = 2 month sign-up


Corporate Monthly = 3 month sign-up


Conference Meditation Sessions Prices:

For onsite classes at your workplace for classes 30 minutes:

Up to 15 students                                      P1,125 plus P75 per person thereafter

40 students                                                P2,400 plus P60 per person thereafter

65 students                                                P3,250 plus P50 per person thereafter

For small and large private group classes booked at events, the same rates apply as above.


Meditation Conference Sessions
Mental stress is created when we sit for long periods of time concentrating. Quietly sitting, body still, speech silent, mind at peace in the stillness and silence of meditation - enables the mind to refocus and to gain clarity.Meditation breaks will exercise comfort to the mind, energizes the mind and body and has a spontaneously direct way of guiding you back to your center, where you will be able to regain your positive and constructive mental thinking.


I also offer meditation sessions for your conference, offsite or company retreat. Let me work with you to choose the best options for your event.

Conference Break Sessions

For my 20 minute Meditation Session Break at your conference, the rate is P950 per session.

Benefits of meditation in the workplace:

*  Alertness and stress reduction.

*  Improves listening and decision-making skills, as well

    as improving employee engagement.

*  A healthy workforce is a productive one.

*  Significantly enhanced self-confidence overall.

*  Can lower a company's health-care costs by reducing chronic

    stress, a major risk factor for illness.

*  By setting aside a little time every day for meditation,a company

    can improve employee morale, mental focus and sense of well-


*  Increased focus. Say goodbye to multitasking and hello to

    personal productivity.

*  Better able to understand our emotions. Communicate with more

    ease and become an authentic team player.

*  Engage more and react less. Create space between impulse and

    action; Respond with more calm and clarity.


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