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Want to share your experience?

Writing a blog about your meditation and/or yoga experience takes many shapes and goes by many names but anyone can submit their blog. There are no barriers. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your physical ability is, if you’re religious or not…  You don’t need to be experienced. All you need is to devote a little time to writing about your experience.  It can be funny, heartfelt, intuitive, a new take or just a simple short story about yourself and your daily discipline or lack thereof, whatever you have to share.

Your post

Your post must be a one of a kind and not published anywhere else.  It is writing about your own personal experience, how you have grown from your meditation and/or yoga practice and what valuable information or funny moments you have to share.

Master your Mind

Creating a community

Lets begin to create a community where we can all unite in the trials and tribulations of our meditation and / or yoga experiences.  Sharing insights, tips and funny moments.  Humor is an important point in uniting us together.  We all think our situation is unique.  We think our minds are crazy and chaotic and we cannot sit, let alone stop, and that there is nothing we can do about it.  Or, we have tried a few things and nothing has worked.  Either way, we think it is just how we are.  We are not as different as we think!

Why contribute to a meditation and yoga community?

Sharing your experience begins a process of being able to relate to yourself - it creates a space to relate to your thinking and your experience of sharing.  It begins a process of realizing that we all share the same fears, anxieties and develops common ground.  You will learn to generate compassion and honesty towards yourself and your self-judgment.  It will open up your world to recognising that sharing and giving is an important part of growing and wanting more from your life.  It is an opportunity to create unity and develop a community for yourself. 

It is an opportunity for you to link your website to the community so that you can gain added traction promoting yourself and your products.

How to write a blog post?

Here are a few tips on writing a post:

  • They should be heartfelt and genuinely personal. They should give details of your experience, your moment-to-moment trials, your losses and victories.  They should describe how you persevered through your doubts, through your failures and describe any funny moments you recognized about yourself along the way.

  • Your blog should detail how you feel so that the readers relate this to their own experience finding common ground and realizing that we all begin at the same starting point, all share the same middle point and can all reach an end point.

  • Don't over complicate your encounter.  Keep it simple and easy to understand.  Don't give too many details and try to show a progressive process. Let the readers feel your pain, your laughter, your struggle and your moments of sheer bliss.

  • Each post should include your bio and your own website.

Writing Guidelines

  • Include a heading, photograph or quotation at the top of your post. If you choose to include a quote from elsewhere, please be sure to use a meditation and/or yoga based quote.

  • Aim for a word count between 1,000 and 1,500 words.

  • Share in your post what lead you to want to learn meditation and/or yoga. What were the events that led up to this decision? What inspired you? Who inspired you? How long did it take for you to 'get into meditation and/or yoga'? What lessons did you learn along the way about yourself? About others? About the world you live in? Give us your insights, your trials, your failures, your successes.  

  • Offer insightful messages for readers and practical tips to help readers overcome similar challenges based only on your own experience.

  • Choose a topic related only to meditation and/or yoga and how your practice has changed your life in a positive way.

  • Your post must be original, personal, and honest.

Master your Mind

How to submit

Send your post in Microsoft Word to: wisdom@clairelane.guru with the title: MEDITATION POST or YOGA POST in the subject line.  Only one submission per email please.

If your post is accepted you will receive a response within two weeks.  If you do not receive a response, please feel free to submit your post again revising it.

Welcome to our community.  We look forward to hearing your experience and sharing your insights.