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Anyone and everyone is welcome to Bohua Monastery.  Bohua offers a variety of opportunities to deepen understanding of Buddhism and the ‘self’, in an environment that encourages peaceful reflection. Guests are welcome to use the Temple and there are many opportunities to experience the teaching while working alongside members of the community in the kitchen, the gardens or any maintenance work.

The monastery offers free meditation and Buddhism classes for the public and the Buddhist community.

The monastery's peaceful and serene atmosphere calms the mind and is conducive to the practice of meditation and self-reflection. Newcomers and long-time Buddhists alike feel immensely enriched by what they find here.

Monastic residents and lay members welcome visitors for tours, classes, and special programs. Step inside Bohua Monastery and discover the path to enlightenment.

Master your Mind

Longquan-Bohua Monastery is located in Notwane, 15km south west of Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana. The Association of Chinese Buddhists in Botswana was officially founded in 2002.  In May 2016, Venerable Xianshuang and Venerable Xianzeng began to reside in Bohua Monastery and elevated the status of the monastery to be one with the presence of all the Three Jewels. 

The events at the monastery include activities such as dharma talks, recitations of scripture, meditation sessions, ceremonies for group worship and confession, festival dharma assemblies, recitations of classic texts by children, prayer ceremonies to the Buddhas for good fortune, Buddhist chanting and outdoor work for accumulating merit.

Bohau Monastery's Mission

1.   To promote Buddhist culture for the benefit of society.

2.   To provide high quality education for both Buddhist and non-Buddhist


3.   To unite the Chinese in Africa along with the local people, and to

      promote charity as well as cultural projects. 

4.   To integrate Buddhist culture with modern civilization.

5.   To promote the integration of Buddhism with other religions.