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Master your Mind

Master your Mind

- To book a course or retreat -


Please see next course dates & payment deadlines.

Master your Mind



You just might find that meditation is exactly what is missing from your lifestyle!

Meditation for Private Individuals: 

Please note that for individual bookings, a maximum of 10 people are booked at a time.  Booking and payment is essential to avoid disappointment.

Meditation for Corporate Bookings: 

Corporate courses are conducted at your place of business for groups larger than 10 pax.  Courses for groups up to 10 pax can be given out of town.  Corporate prices are calculated according to the number of people and charged as a group price.

Yoga and Meditation Retreats:   

Please note for all my yoga and meditation retreats a maximum of 10 people are booked at a time.  Booking and payment in advance is essential. 

1st Course - Introduction to Meditation

Course Dates for 2018            Course Payment Deadline

28th July                                              17th July 

25th August                                          14th August

22nd September                                    11th September

27th October                                        16th October

24th November                                     13th November

2nd Course - Comprehensive Mindfulness Meditation Course

Course Dates for 2018              Course Payment Deadline

 3rd & 10th November                             30th October

3rd Course - Introduction to Understanding your Mind

No courses for 2018 ...... 

Full Day Retreat of Yoga & Meditation

Retreat Dates for 2018                Retreat Payment Deadline

11th August                                                31st July 

6th October                                                25th September



Dates for 2019

Course and Retreat Dates for 2019 will be on the website in November 2018. 

If you need more information, have questions or would like to make a suggestion, please be in touch. You can contact me by filling out the form.