Yoga at Home


One Day Meditation Retreat



This one day meditation workshop is designed for students who are intrigued to learn meditation and wanting to introduce a daily practice. 

One Day Meditation Workshop       #Retreat

This one day workshop brings you a practical approach to mediation and a simple understanding of the mind and how to change the way you think.


A Day of Meditation

Your day will be filled with:

1.  A guided meditation;

2.  An introduction to understanding the mind; 

3.  Insight and understanding on how to change the way you think;

4.  Learning to reduce stress; 

5.  A guide to creating your own home meditation practice; and

6.  Integrating meditation into daily practice.

7.  Your day is completed with guided meditation 

     to ground and center you.



Day Course:  Individual price:         P1,400


morning tea & light vegetarian lunch

*bookings: minimum 4 and maximum 10 pax for each meditation retreat


cell:  +267   71316233