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                                            Master your mind


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I am a Buddhist Master and Yogi and have been in health and wellness for 25 years.  As a Master I place great emphasis on training the mind. 

 I teach meditation classes, meditation courses and yoga.  Not necessarily in that order


My meditation classes teach students to settle down, learn how to work with their mind and learn to be more present.


My traditional Tibetan meditation courses are based on Mindfulness and Understanding the Mind structured on Metta Bhavana – ‘loving-kindness’.  My courses help students to increase their ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression.


My unique Taoist yoga is based on Chinese Yoga and supports the strength and flow of the meridian system.  My yoga exercises comfort to the mind, energizes the mind and body and has a spontaneously direct way of guiding you back to your center, where you will be able to find peace.


Meditation and yoga sways most students between sheer enjoyment and sheer doubt because it requires constant patience.  My traditional disciplined style and the occasional disciplined glancing eye provides a sound platform for my students.  Admittedly, my students do know they have little leeway and settle down in generating loyalty toward themselves.  This loyalty ultimately transforms their lives positively, forever.


My teaching is a dedication to Internal Alchemy.

My meditation blog shows you how overcoming your obstacles can fuel transformation in your life.