My name is Claire Lane and I am a Buddhist Vajrayana master and Yogi.

I have been a Vajrayana Master for 23 years teaching people to develop their natural wisdom through energy cultivation, discipline and mindfulness practice. 


My Meditation Teachings are about

​I teach meditation, an ancient practice, aimed to increase your ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression.  A simple guide to training your mind through traditional meditations.   

 Wisdom is not something you carry around in your head.  The fact of the matter is that no words exist to accurately describe what happens during the 'internal alchemy' of deep meditation and Taoist movement. 

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Your mind is your greatest asset, if you learn how to master it!

Train your mind:

* To learn about yourself;

* To teach yourself to be able to comfort your mind;

* To maintain the strength and focus of the mind;

*To open your heart to the direct understanding of yourself;


Breath and meditation go hand in hand:

* Meditation introduces you to the idea of stillness;

* Your breathing becomes easier and more rhythmic and the flow of energies within you become balanced;

*Your feelings and sensations unfold naturally; 

* You slowly open to deep sensations of fulfilment;

* A calm and rhythmic breath increases your energies

* A calm and rhythmic breath improves your health

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Taoist and Buddhists alike believe that every human is born with a ‘precious pearl of original spirit’ deep inside the core of his or her being. This precious pearl is a mirror that reflects the entire universe.   It is our most precious possession and our most uniquely human attribute. 

Meditation - will strengthen the mind and deepen your understanding of yourself. To get you to see your 'precious pearl of original spirit', to nourish it and learn to thrive in your world.


Yoga- will cultivate your internal alchemy, your discipline and bring harmony to yourself and the world you live in.

A vow to teach you to settle down, learn to work with your mind and bring harmony and balance back to yourself and the world you live in. 

To build a community where people can unite with their meditation and yoga experiences, bring insight to one another and support each other.

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