Welcome to the Art of Mastering your Mind

You might just find that meditation is exactly what is missing from your lifestyle!

This one day meditation workshop is designed for students who are intrigued to learn meditation and wanting to introduce a daily practice. 


It is a wonderful simple introduction to meditation ......

One Day Meditation Workshop       #Retreat

This one day workshop brings you a practical approach to mediation and a simple understanding of the mind and how to change the way you think.


A Day of Meditation - 

Your day will be filled with:

1.  A guided meditation;

2.  An introduction to understanding the mind; 

3.  Insight and understanding on how to change the way you think;

4.  Learning to reduce stress; 

5.  A guide to creating your own home meditation practice; and

6.  Integrating meditation into daily practice.

7.  Your day is completed with guided meditation 

     to ground and center you.



Day Course:  Individuals:         P1,200


morning tea & light vegetarian lunch - provided only to individuals not corporate 

You must bring your own yoga mat and a small cushion


              2018   master.  CLAIRE  LANE                                 STAY IN TOUCH    Love, Claire 

                                            Master your mind


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