Meditation brings the mind home

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Meditation brings the mind home.

Being able to bring the mind home is learning to become mindful. The practice of mindfulness, of bringing the scattered mind home, and so of bringing the different aspects of your being into focus, is called “Peacefully Remaining” or “Calm Abiding”.

Peacefully Remaining or Calm abiding accomplishes several things:


All the fragmented aspects of yourself, which have been struggling, settle and dissolve and become friends. In that settling you begin to understand yourself more, and sometimes even have a glimpse of the radiance of your fundamental nature.


Practicing mindfulness defuses your negativity, aggression, pain, suffering and frustration, which may have been gathering power over many years and lifetimes. Instead of suppressing emotions or indulging in them, it is important to view them, and your thoughts, and whatever arises with an acceptance and a generosity that are as open and spacious as possible.


You will remain open and mindful, and when you acquaint yourself frequently with the practice of the various techniques within the different meditations, you will begin to defuse the negativity and you will feel well in your being. From this comes release and profound ease.


It unveils your essential Good Heart because it dissolves and removes the unkindness or the harm in you. Only when you have removed the harm in yourself do you become truly useful to others. Meditation slowly removes the unkindness and harm from yourself. It allows your true Good Heart, the fundamental goodness and kindness that is your real nature, to shine out and become the warm climate in which your true being flowers.

Meditation is the true practice of peace, the true practice of non-aggression and non-violence and the real and greatest disarmament. Meditation becomes your most effective form of therapy and self-healing.

Meditation brings the mind home.

Mindfulness brings the mind home

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