Meditation - simply let yourself be inspired

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Finding the right seat is essential for your meditation practice. There is a connection between the posture of the body and the attitude of the mind. Mind and body are interrelated, and meditation arises naturally once your posture and attitude are inspired.

The Master's say, "If you create an auspicious condition in your body and your environment, then meditation and realization will automatically arise".

If your mind is calm and inspired it will influence your whole posture. You will sit more naturally and effortlessly. It is very important to unite the posture of your body and the confidence that arises from your realization of the nature of mind.

In Dzogchen teachings it is said that your View and your posture should be like a mountain. Your View is the summation of your whole understanding and insight into the nature of mind, which you bring to your meditation. So your View translates into and inspires your posture, expressing the core of your being in the way you sit.

Sit then, like a mountain. Steadfast and unshakable. A mountain is completely natural and at ease with itself, however strong the winds that batter it. Let your mind be free and rise.

The most essential point of this posture is to keep your back straight like "an arrow". The 'inner energy' (qi or chi) will then flow easily through the subtle channels of the body and your mind will find its true state of rest.

“If you simply let yourself be inspired by this joyful trust, it is enough; out of this understanding and confidence meditation will naturally arise”.

Meditation and inspiration
Mindfulness and inspiration

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