Meditation - your mind's reaction to stress

why do some people suffer from stress and others don’t?

Why do some people suffer from symptoms of stress while others who are under equal or greater pressure don’t?

I have discovered as a Master that it is the mind’s reaction to pressure. There is a distinction between the pressure someone experiences due to life’s situations and stress. We misinterpret pressure and stress. We think that any feeling of strong pressure is a stressful situation and understanding the difference between the two will bring you closer to reducing your stress and better coping with your pressure.

Pressure is a natural response to the demands in your life. Pressure is an internal messenger telling you to ‘pay attention’. You feel this pressure as a demand and you feel a great need to fullfil this demand.

Stress is very different – your mind feels fear, anxiety and an immediate reaction to a demand that you face. Stress provokes an exaggerated and inappropriate ‘fight or flight’ response. This state of fear and anxiety should not be experienced for long periods of time as it releases neuro-chemicals that damage the heart, the glands and the nervous system.

If you tend to interpret many situations in which you feel pressure as being stressful, then you are in danger of getting caught in a vicious cycle of constantly feeling stressed. Constant pressures in life can lead to mental and physical fatigue but constant stress far more likely to endanger your mental and physical health.

You can easily reduce your stress by practicing mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness is about controlling the way you think without becoming overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around you. Experiencing emotion is not counter to the effective practice of mindfulness in fact it is an important part of it. Learning to let those emotions go, however, is just as important!

Practice this for 5 minutes every time you feel you are becoming overwhelmed with the pressure and you will slowly be able to manage your stress.

Mindfulness Meditation

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