The Mind and Anxiety

The mind is a very powerful tool. Our minds have evolved to identify, discern and judge in order to make sense of the world around us. The problem is our mind constantly grasps towards stress-inducing thoughts, emotional upsets and is never satisfied. Because the mind amplifies our struggles and problems we get trapped in a vicious cycle of worry and anxiety.

Our minds have a funny way of creating greater anticipation towards problems, which is often much worse than the problem itself. What this means is when faced with anxiety it is helpful to stay in the present moment! The present moment brings you back to recognizing that the exaggerated thoughts only exist in your mind. When you look at the present moment you will be able to see the problem in its true form and have a better chance of finding a reasonable solution and in turn, reduce your anxiety.

We all know that mindfulness practice and meditation are increasingly taught as ways of coping with anxiety and stressful situations. Science is showing that mindfulness and meditation is very deserving of its newfound fame. Regular meditation and relaxation can be of significant help in reducing anxiety.

You can become aware of where your mind tends to go during the day and to recognize thinking patterns that might be creating additional problems for you. Learning to be in the present moment will not only help you see what is going on around you, but will also help you understand yourself better. You will begin to see your harmful thought patterns, stop yourself from letting these thoughts take over and you will be able to calm your mind.

By bringing a little mindfulness to the process, you can cultivate a flexibility and openness that will benefit you in all areas of life, reduce your worry and be able to be free from anxiety.

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