What happens during the 'internal alchemy' of deep meditation?

The fact of the matter is that no words exist to accurately describe what happens during the ‘internal alchemy’ of deep meditation, which opens up realms of consciousness that lie far beyond the grasp of words and rational thought.

Taoist and Buddhists alike believe that every human is born with a ‘precious pearl of original spirit’ deep inside the core of his or her being. This precious pearl is a mirror that reflects the entire universe. It is our most precious possession and our most uniquely human attribute, but owing to our infatuation with the external physical world and its passing phenomena most people go through life without ever realizing its existence, though everyone gets a glimpse of it at the moment of death.

Traditional meditations are a kind of discipline, a way of meeting ourselves personally. Meditation teaches us to settle down, learn how to work with our mind and learn to be more present. Meditation is a practice that develops both mind and heart. It is a powerful introduction to bring harmony and balance to ourselves and the world we live in. Through repeated acquaintance with meditation we learn to strengthen our mind and deepen our understanding of ourselves.

The meditations are an uncovering process. Cutting down the chaos that arises from ego’s mentality. Ego yearns for pleasure and as a result dwells on pain. We try to ward off pain however by doing so and yearning for pleasure, pain gets a lot of attention. Meditation gets you to work on the discipline of relating to ourselves, to pain, to impermanence and to stillness. Through this process we begin a foundation of search, we discover that potential is one of the fundamental characteristics within us and we start to gain a deeper sense of understanding ourselves.

It is the foundation of essence, energy, spirit and self-discovery. Each meditation is not a confirmation of mental flexibility or release, if it were it would be extraordinarily boring. Each class uncovers a fraction of your fundamental potential – one quarter of your potential – one hundredth of your potential – which allows people to seek further. It uncovers a self-secret - the secret of the true nature of self - to find the ‘precious pearl of original spirit’ that resides deep inside the core of your being.

That seems to be the point.

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