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Here are some simple starting ideas:

Having a set of basic guidelines can be helpful. However realistically, guidelines don’t determine how to live; Instead by living you will express your nature, your full potential.

Reflect on the following throughout the day:

    • Be true to yourself;

    • Assist those who are extended expressions of your nature.

    • Connect to the world as you want to be treated.

    • Connect to those outside your nature with discernment.

    • To those unwilling to accept you for your true nature, no action is required:
      Just silently let them be themselves as you remain yourself.

  • Discover a set of practices to aid keeping the mind, body and spirit engaged and strong. Remember practices should support your essence with the activities fitting the needs of the moment. Which means this is a shifting balance of activities relative to your needs. For example practice yoga to make your body subtle, meditation to clear your mind, run/cycle/walk simply to lift your spirit, read and learn as a lens of examination.  Your practices will support your essence and in doing each, every day, you learn more about yourself and the world around you.

  • Stop, relax and explore your environment.  Go with your gut feelings and trust your instincts.

  • It’s within the pause of a breath… that each step of living becomes visible for your life to improve and practice.  Smile with lightheartedness, when needing to pick a possible next step. A self-existing smile generates new possibilities. 

  • Breathe when needing a break. Sitting still doing nothing is an opportunity to be with yourself.  Alternate the two and your path will become free and clear for an entire lifetime of wonder and exploration. 

  • This may sound simple, as if its going to be that simple!  It sounds too basic and we wonder how it is going to change something that much.  Immense wisdom goes along with this - not even some but lots of it.  It goes along with our general rhythm and style, how we operate, and this natural flow is what brings us back to our center.


Here are your three basic steps:

*Accept your life.
* Follow your breath to find peace.
* Open up to your self-existing and lighthearted smile to enable possibility.

Embrace these three basic steps, take your time and enjoy the unfolding of your True Nature.

Master your Mind