Taoist and Buddhists alike believe that every human is born with a ‘precious pearl of original spirit’ deep inside the core of his or her being. This precious pearl is a mirror that reflects the entire universe.   It is our most precious possession and our most uniquely human attribute, but owing to our infatuation with the external physical world and its passing phenomena most people go through life without ever realizing its existence.

“focus your vital breath until it is supremely soft”

My unique Taoism yoga  is based on Chinese Yoga and supports the strength and flow of the meridian system.  It is a dedication to Internal Alchemy. 


My yoga is an uncovering process.  It gets you to work on the discipline of relating to yourself and to stillness.  Through this process we begin a foundation of search, we discover that potential is one of the fundamental characteristics within us and we start to gain a deeper sense of understanding ourselves. 



You just might find that meditation is exactly what is missing from your yoga practice!

My yoga exercises comfort to the mind, energizes the mind and body and has a spontaneously direct way of guiding you back to your center, where you will be able to find peace.  When your energy rests along the center of your body, you remain present and will slowly learn to find harmony with your mind and your breath.  This is the fundamental key to energy control.

To enhance and restore energy is to place the body in particular shapes to both pull on and pressurize tissues. This effort elicits the body’s natural repair response, coaxing chi and blood to flow, making the body stronger and better lubricated. Yoga done regularly and with an appropriate amount of rest afterwards, stimulates the circulation within the whole body.

Master your Mind

Uncovering a fraction of your fundamental potential

One Day Yoga & Meditation Tranquil Retreat


A day of yoga & meditation, peace and tranquility to revitalize both body and mind.


Your day will be filled with:

1.  A yoga class;

2.  A guide to creating your own home yoga practice; 

3.  A meditation class; 

4.  A guide to creating your own home meditation

     practice; and

5.  Integrating mindfulness into both practices.

6.  Your day is completed with guided meditation 

     to ground and center you.

Day Course:  Individuals:  P1,200


morning tea & light vegetarian lunch 

Corporate Prices:

Up to 10 students - P12,000 plus P1,200 per person thereafter

Up to 20 students - P20,000 plus P1,000 per person thereafter

Up to 30 students - P27,000 plus P900 per person thereafter

Up to 40 students -


You must bring your own yoga mat

One Day Yoga Workshop       #Retreat

A day of yoga - 

Your day will be filled with:

1.  A guide to yoga philosophy;

2.  An introduction to understanding the mind through yoga practice; 

3.  Insight and understanding on how to change the way you think; 

4.  A guide to creating your own home yoga practice; and

5.  Integrating mindfulness into your yoga practice.

6.  Your day is completed with a guided meditation 

     to ground and center you.



Day Workshop:  Individuals:         P1,200


morning tea & light vegetarian lunch - provided only to individuals not corporate 

You must bring your own yoga mat


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