Green Plant

“focus your vital breath until it is supremely soft”

My unique Taoism yoga  is based on Chinese Yoga and supports the strength and flow of the meridian system.  It is a dedication to Internal Alchemy.

* Each class is designed on Chinese meridian theory (Yin/yang) and I work a pair of organs at a time.


* My yoga classes are practiced in silence guided only by my voice, guiding your out-breath and in-breath.


* Although my yoga is based on Taoism and Buddhist philosophy my structure is unique to my own experience and flavor of combining the art of breathing, the movement of Yin/yang and simple meditations complete my design.

Each class is designed as a yoga movement, a meditation and a healing modality.


* Taoist movement gives every pose power to weight balance, taxing the body so the body can generate vitality and this physical manipulation forces the mind to relax.

 *The meditation (silence) throughout allows the mind to be suspended in space through guiding the breath and generating silence within;

* The healing modality allows the breath to generate life and each pose coupled with breath stems from the ancient healing arts within the Tao teachings. 

You just might find that meditation is exactly what is missing from your yoga practice!

Taoist and Buddhists alike believe that every human is born with a ‘precious pearl of original spirit’ deep inside the core of his or her being. This precious pearl is a mirror that reflects the entire universe.  

It is our most precious possession and our most uniquely human attribute, but owing to our infatuation with the external physical world and its passing phenomena most people go through life without ever realizing its existence.