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Are you wanting to breathe new life into the world you live in?


"when you are content to be simply yourself and do not compare or compete, everyone will respect you"   - Lao Tzu

 Content with yourself?

Not sure where to begin?

My name is Claire Lane and I am a  Buddhist meditation master and Yogi.   I have been teaching meditation and the art of Taoist breathing through movement for 21 years.  As a Master I place great emphasis on training the mind.

Training the mind through meditation is a powerful introduction to bring harmony and balance to yourself and the world you live in.

Wisdom is not something you carry around in your head.  The fact of the matter is that no words exist to accurately describe what happens during the 'internal alchemy' of deep meditation and Taoist movement. 

Yoga at Home


Your mind is your greatest asset, if you learn how to master it!


Train your mind:

* To learn about yourself;

* To teach yourself to be able to comfort your mind;

* To maintain the strength and focus of the mind;

*To open your heart to the direct understanding of yourself;


Breath and meditation go hand in hand:

* Meditation introduces you to the idea of stillness;

* Your breathing becomes easier and more rhythmic and the flow of energies within you become balanced;

*Your feelings and sensations unfold naturally; 

* You slowly open to deep sensations of fulfilment;

* A calm and rhythmic breath increases your energies

* A calm and rhythmic breath improves your health

Yoga at Home


Meditation pursues happiness by using knowledge and practice to achieve mental equanimity.

Equanimity, or peace of mind, is achieved by detaching oneself from the cycle of craving, of longing, of remembering, of falsely hoping and we pursue this "tranquility" and "insight" as mental qualities that would lead to happiness.


Meditation is a process of mental cultivation - developing the mental skills and tools used for achieving happiness, which include right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.  Clearing our minds of negative, unwholesome thoughts.  Once that is achieved, one perfects a wholesome, tranquil state of mind through the practice of positive thinking.

You will train your mind to experience an attitude of openness and freshness to all and every experience.  

The core practice of meditation is right concentration which leads to equanimity.  Which develops a deep sense of well-being and happiness!