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Are you wanting to breathe new life into the world you live in?

"when you are content to be simply yourself and do not compare or compete, everyone will respect you" 

 - Lao Tzu

Meditation remains a valuable tool to learning about yourself.  Regular practice improves your ability to focus and leads to a better understanding of your own thought patterns and habits. 




Meditation is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body.  This is because when you meditate it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.

Meditation is easy to learn.  You can meditate whenever you want, and you don't need specific tools or equipment to do it.​


Meditation  improves your overall health.  This is simply because calming down and focusing on breathing correctly improves circulation which assists in the growth of new blood vessels. 

The most fundamental point and purpose of meditation is to integrate meditation in action


"He who merely sits down to meditate and never strives to implement that which he has learned in his everyday life has failed to grasp the essence of meditation"

The mind is a very powerful tool

Meditation is a process of mental cultivation - developing the mental skills and tools used for achieving happiness, which include right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.  Clearing our minds of negative, unwholesome thoughts.  Once that is achieved, one perfects a wholesome, tranquil state of mind through the practice of positive thinking.

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No words exist to accurately describe what happens during the ‘internal alchemy’ of deep meditation, which opens up realms of consciousness that lie far beyond the grasp of words and rational thought. 


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