Her teaching is a dedication to Internal Alchemy - essence, energy and spirit.  It is a powerful introduction to bring harmony and balance to yourself and the world you live in.


Wisdom is not something you carry around in your head -  the fact of the matter is that no words exist to accurately describe what happens during the ‘internal alchemy’ of deep meditation and Taoist movement .......

*Teaching traditional meditation methods to learn meditation. 

 *Yoga classes based on Chinese Yoga to strengthen the body.

*Retreats designed with meditation and yoga to rehabilitate both mind & body.

*Corporate stress management programs designed to manage office pressure.

*Corporate meditation/yoga pop-up classes for conferences for relaxation breaks.

*Corporate wellness retreats to help spend time in a tranquil and rehabilitating environment.  

Buddhist meditation master and Yogi, Claire has been teaching for 21 years. As a master, Claire places great emphasis on training the mind.

Master your Mind

Meditation classes teach students to settle down, learn how to calm your  mind and work on the discipline of relating to yourself and to stillness.  Meditation will maintain the health of your body by training you to guide the strength of your breath and improve the focus of your mind

Yoga classes based on Taoism  and is Chinese Yoga that supports the strength and flow of the meridian (energy pathways) system.  Claire's yoga exercises comfort to the mind, energizes the mind and body and has a spontaneously direct way of guiding you back to your center, where you will be able to find peace.


Meditation courses are comprehensive and based on traditional Tibetan meditation methods on Mindfulness and Understanding the Mind structured on Metta Bhavana – ‘loving-kindness’.  Claire's courses help students to increase the ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression.  These specific courses are designed towards individuals wanting to gain strength and focus to bring harmony and balance back into your life. 

One day retreat

A day of yoga, meditation, peace and tranquility to revitalize both body and mind.

Stress management programs are designed to help employees to deal with stress, anxiety and workplace pressures.  A program to cultivate positive work environments, make better decisions and perform tasks more efficiently.

Corporate wellness programs are designed specifically with each corporate to provide you with your individual corporate wellness day to help you spend the day rehabilitating your mind and body to bring harmony and tranquility back into your life. 

My meditation blog shows you how overcoming your obstacles can fuel transformation in your life.


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                                            Master your mind


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